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About this service

Your podiatrist has diagnosed that you have a deformity of one or more of your toenails.

The most common deformities are a toenail that is excessively curved or wide that predisposes it to grow into the skin at the side of the nail plate or one that is excessively thickened due to trauma or chronic fungal infection.

Whilst conservative (non-surgical) care can help to prevent pain or infection, this will not cure the problem. In order to correct the problem you may require an operation, this will be recommended if you have frequent episodes of infection or the reoccurrence of an ingrown-nail. Treatment for severe nail problems involves removal of part of or all of a toenail under local anaesthesia by injection, and with or without the application of phenol (a caustic) to prevent regrowth of the removed toenail. Phenol is used as a permanent resolution to a damaged, deformed, or ingrowing toenail.

This treatment package consists of 2 clinicians for surgery, water proof seal, dressing packs and 2 follow-up appointments. A deposit payment is required for this appointment.

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